About Tradilex


TRADILEX is a R&D&I Spanish Project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (reference: PID2019-107362GA-I00) which focuses on Didactic Audiovisual Translation (DAT). For any further information, you may click here: https://tradit.uned.es/en/proyecto-tradilex-2/

The TRADILEX research group has supported the development of this virtual platform in order to make the DAT-based resources which have been designed within the framework of the project available at anyone's disposal.

These resources are expected to meet the needs of each individual user. Thanks to this platform, learners no longer need to download extra software for captioning nor revoicing. The TRADILEX platform offers 60 DAT-based self-contained lesson plans for B1 and B2 English learners (in the foreseeable future the catalogue of languages and levels of proficiency is expected to increase). Each lesson plan is provided with automatised feedback and teachers also have the possibility of creating their own virtual classroom within the platform to provide their students with customised feedback.

More information in 'TRADILEX Platform Guidebook' 


Noa Talaván Zanón (Coordinator)
José Javier Ávila-Cabrera
María Bobadilla Pérez
Alejandro Bolaños García-Escribano
Carla Botella Tejera
Paula Buil Beltrán
María del Pilar Canales Hernández
Pilar Couto Cantero
Soledad Díaz Alarcón
Alberto Fernández Costales
Anca Daniela Frumuselu
María Carmen Gómez Pérez
Pilar González Vera
Carolina Gonzalo Llera
Ana Hornero Corisco
Paula Igareda González
Jennifer Lertola
Marga Navarrete
María del Mar Ogea Pozo
Cristina Plaza Lara
Pilar Rodríguez Arancón
María Luisa Rodríguez Muñoz
Mariona Sabaté Carrové
María José Salinas Ranero
Alicia Sánchez Requena
Stavroula Sokoli
Antonio Tinedo Rodríguez
María Azahara Veroz-González